Everyone’s path to Pura Vida is different. 

In no way do we think that we know All The Things, or that the way we are getting ourselves to Costa Rica is the best way, or is the way that you should do it. That said, we have been lining up all the required hoops so we can jump through them as easily as possible, and we feel there is some value in sharing how we’ve done that.

We also see the same questions over and over again on various blogs, social media groups and so on. Often the questions are asked with the assumption that there could be only one best way to answer them. Sometimes they are asked with so little context as to be unanswerable. (Think something like, Where should we go to eat in Wisconsin?) And sometimes the presumptions are so off-base it seems the would-be expat has not done even the most elementary research – like, How do I move to Costa Rica next month and start working in a local job? (Our understanding is simply you can’t, at least not legally.)

So in addition to sharing our experience, we want to share how to set context for yourself. Do you want to be an Expat and maintain a North American lifestyle, down to the food product brands and social norms you live with today? Do you want to an immigrant and adapt and assimilate into Tico culture? Do you want to retire or (legally) work? Our goal is not to provide answers, but to offer enough perspective for you to find your own most appropriate answers.

Our Residency Process

A lot of folks skip the Residency process and opt to make “border runs” every 90 days. There are many success stories – expats who have been living in Costa Rica for years this way.

We’ve weighed the pros and cons for ourselves and will explain why we have chosen the Residency path, as well as share all of our ups and downs. (So far, mostly ups!)

Read about our Residency process.

Our Most Important Lessons

We’ll try to keep adding blog posts that reflect this adventure in real time. But for sure there will be information that just stands out head-and-shoulders above the rest. As those gems emerge we will add them to the list on this page.

Read about our important lessons.

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